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Carbon-negative construction
Engineering consulting

Teamed up around the common goal of finding new ways towards practical sustainability for housing, we at ARRA House strive to create solutions which are environmentally responsible, architecturally sophisticated, cost and resource efficient.As a result of our original and innovative building system, our houses are extremely flexible and adaptive.

Whether a family home, a tiny-house, an extension or a studio, our ARRA System® will provide the highest level of adaptiveness, while implementing premium quality construction. Offering a range of options, in façade, cladding, flooring, color selection, ARRA Systemç will allow each owner to create and build their personal and unique ARRA experience. Utilizing our ARRAcircular® approach to building, which has Carbon negativity as its core goal, and the implementation of advanced smart-home packages, each ARRA House is future-proof, earth-friendly and yet uniquely yours.

Renovations and Reconstruction

Energy efficiency and eco-responsible living is not a privilege for newly-built houses only. We will gladly help you freshen up you house by fitting it with the most eco-friendly materials and solutions.

Your lovely house will get a modern refreshment, all while breathing better yet requiring a lot less energy.

Various government subsidies can be factored in, as we can meet standards up to KFW40+; making your investment decision that much easier.